Skin Cancer Foundation – Practice Sun Safety at Home, Office & While Driving

Skin Cancer Foundation - Practice Sun Safety at Home, Office & Driving - Window Tinting in the Doylestown and Philadelphia areas of Pennsylvania

We know that this is not the season that most people are thinking about how to practice sun safety. However, this may be the best time to resolve to practice sun safety to a higher level in the coming year. We have compiled information shared by the Skin Cancer Foundation on how window films can be used to help you protect your skin while at home, the office or while driving.

If I am inside, why do I need protection?

From an article written by the Skin Cancer Foundation:

“Ultraviolet radiation can travel through car and home windows, where it can contribute to the daily accumulation of sun exposure that can lead to skin cancer and photoaging. UV-blocking films can not only protect you against this exposure, but can offer other benefits as well. Ultraviolet rays (UVR) are sneaky. Not only can they cause skin cancer and visible signs of aging, they’re also very good at finding you. They can bounce off water, off sand, and they can penetrate glass. Which means that even if you’re inside your car or house, if you’re sitting next to a window with sunlight streaming in, you’re at risk for UV damage.”

How Does Window Film Help?

Again, from the article: window films “block out up to 99.9 percent of UVR. This helps prevent not only sunburn, but also the brief daily UV exposures that cumulatively accelerate skin aging and multiply the risk of skin cancer. In addition, the film can be lifesavers for people with diseases involving dangerous photosensitivity, such as xeroderma pigmentosum and lupus.”

What are the other benefits?

The article also mentions some side benefits when you practice sun safety using window film. The article states:

Along with clear health benefits, window film offers other advantages:

  • In hot weather, it cuts down heat within the home, which can reduce air conditioning expenses.
  • In cold weather, it reflects interior heat back into the house, reducing heating costs.
  • It helps keep sunshine from fading car upholstery and home furnishings.
  • Some new types of “safety” film help hold residential and commercial glass in place if shattered. Several times thicker than the standard sun-protective film, it can greatly reduce the chances of break-ins, property damage, and even personal injury that can result from broken glass.

We hope this article with information from the Skin Cancer Foundation helps you understand a little better how you can practice sun safety every day by utilizing window films. If you would like more information or if you have additional questions, contact us today by calling 215-491-9041 or emailing us at We are located in Doylestown and we service the entire greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

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