Modernize Commercial Spaces For Energy Savings During Earth Month

Modernize Commercial Spaces For Energy Savings During Earth Month - Commercial Window Tinting & Film in the Philadelphia, Pa area

April is often referred to as Earth Month with Earth Day officially occurring on April 22nd each year. To help celebrate this month, we want to share some information on how to modernize commercial spaces to save energy with innovative window films. We will summarize some things in a recent article entitled “Modernize Your Office Building with Innovative Window Film” in Construction Review Online.

The article states the following about all the ways window films can be used. “When it comes to modernizing the windows in an office building, does the advantages of window film outweigh the material and installation costs? Absolutely! Commercial window tint can be used on almost any glass surface and it offers a variety of different benefits. Not only does window film block the sun’s heat and offer protection from harmful UV rays, it also minimizes the glare on your devices, reduces energy costs, and protects furnishings.

It then specifically discusses how window films can help improve how “green” a building is by saving energy usage. “Whether you’re modifying a commercial space or a residential building, window film is an excellent way of cutting down on energy costs. How would you do that? Window film is made specifically to help prevent heat penetration, which enables your indoor spaces to be much cooler. In addition, window tinting also lowers HVAC consumption because it reduces the amount of heat that enters your space. That helps keep the temperature much regulated than other areas with non-tinted windows. In the end, less air conditioning use also suggests cutting back a generous amount of energy use, letting you save a huge amount of money on your monthly energy bills.

If you would like to read the entire article, click HERE.

We hope that this article was enlightening on how retrofitting a window film to existing windows into your space can help you be a part of Earth Month by reducing your energy consumption moving forward.

If you would like more information about the commercial window films we use to modernize commercial spaces, click HERE. If you have questions or would like to arrange a free, no obligation consultation and estimate, please contact us by calling (484) 540-3117 or emailing us at We are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and service the surrounding area.

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