Necessary School Safety Measures Detailed by School Construction News

Necessary School Safety Measures Detailed by School Construction News - Safety and Security Films in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As we wrap up the school year across the country, many school look to upgrade facilities over the Summer break. While many upgrades relate to the health aspects of the school environment, there is also a lot of attention being paid to school safety and security vulnerabilities. To better inform you in this area, we wanted to share a quick summary of an article in School Construction News entitled “Window Film: A Necessary Safety Measure for Schools“. This article explains what a security window film can do and why is should be added to the necessary school safety measures.

The article begins by stating that “Safety and security window film is a tool that, when integrated with a well-planned system of security measures, can offer a school community both greater security and greater peace of mind. Safety and security film is a polyester-based product that, when professionally installed, strengthens a building’s windows, which in turn protects the building and its occupants.” But how exactly can it accomplish this? We summarize their findings below.

2 Ways Security Window Film Enhances School Safety and Security

  • Increases Intrusion Resistance of Glass – The article notes that “Windows and doors are the most vulnerable parts of a building. They are points of entry for people that may mean harm to the occupants. Glass is also an inviting target for vandals intent on mischief or worse. The main benefit of safety and security film is to provide an invisible shield that offers protection from broken glass and deters or delays unwanted entry.“Think of security window film as part of an overall system to prevent unwanted access to the facility.As the article states, “…use of safety window film alone will not prevent intrusion through glass. Instead, it increases the amount of time needed to break through and can deter the efforts of the potential intruder altogether after multiple unsuccessful attempts to enter through the filmed glass.” By slowing the intruder down, the facility has time to implement other safety measures including notifying local authorities. The goal of the window film is to slow down how quickly the intruder can gain access to the interior of the building.
  • Improved Privacy and Protection – The ability of a potential intruder to see into the school can arm them with information better kept hidden. The article mentions this by saying, “As most schools operate during daylight hours, an intruder can still see into classrooms — even if the blinds are drawn in some cases. Each window is essentially a map to the entire school. Potential intruders can easily see in and gather details of the entire school — the hallways, media center, office, cafeteria, etc. — which makes it easier to create a plan to gain entry and target victims.” Fortunately, security window film comes in various shades and reflectivity levels to help obscure the interior details of the building and the activities within during daylight hours.

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